Richard and Luke Stonis

Richard and Luke Stonis

Richard and Luke, father and son, a collaborative design partnership.

Drawing from a lifetime of professional practice in the fields of Architecture, Design, Engineering, Product Development and Manufacturing, our work exhibits a unique vision that has been honed by experience, application, knowledge and balanced by our complimentary skill sets and perspectives.

Our designs are inspired by the beauty of the wood and its limitless organic surprises. It is, however, our respect for the discipline of balance between the imperfections in nature and the perfection of today’s industrial manufacturing potential that reflect our distinctive vision and artisan touch.

It is this intersection of traditional artisan craftsmanship with modern manufacturing and technological capabilities that is the defining hallmark of our work.

Our journey of application, knowledge and experience influences our art, enabling us to deliver objects of inspiration, beauty and joy.

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Richard Stonis

With a prolific, successful and awarded background in Architecture and Interior Design, Richard is the driving creative force behind the Stonis Collective. He is a true artisan, driven by passion, sustained by talent, and focused on providing objects of utility, inspiration and joy to all.

With over 50 years’ experience in Architecture and Design, Richard received his B.S. in Design at the University of Cincinnati, College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning. Following graduation from the University of Cincinnati, Richard attended Pratt Institute in New York, N.Y for graduate studies in Design.

He worked for premier architectural firms in Chicago and New York N.Y. before moving to Atlanta, GA to take a job with Associated Space Design, an interior architecture and design firm, ultimately becoming President and CEO. Richard also served as the Director of Interior Design for Cooper Carry architects in Atlanta GA.

Throughout his professional career product and furniture design has been an integral part of his subject matter expertise.

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Luke Stonis

Luke is the technical side of the duo. Graduating from Georgia Tech with honors in Mechanical Engineering, he started his professional career in open-wheel auto racing. His responsibilities included suspension, data acquisition and telemetry - including the design, development, fabrication, testing and deployment of the systems. Luke traveled both domestically and internationally with the team.

His next venture was with the Fitch Product Development Group, holding positions as Senior Mechanical Engineer, Director of Engineering and, ultimately, Account Director. Fitch was the perfect transition from racing, allowing him to hone his talents in working successfully with clients and multi-disciplinary teams.

After his tenure with Fitch, Luke started his own business, Stonis Consulting. Building off of his agency experience, consulting giving him further exposure to global commercialization of products; focusing on quality systems, supply chain management and contract manufacturing – with a considerable amount of focus on Asian manufacturing.

Luke and his father Richard are now partners in the Stonis Collective, designing and manufacturing high end art furniture.