Our Process

The traditional Product Development process is linear, often referred to as a “stage gate process”.  This entails; research/discovery, design criteria, concept generation/development, breadboards/prototypes, validation, engineering/design for manufacture, manufacturing systems, etc.

There are often iterations loop that take place at the various steps in the process as things evolve and new information is understood but it generally follows predicable tasks and workflow.

The creative process is not always a linear one, sometimes the evolution of the appropriate solution evolves over time, working though variations of the design, sketching, material selection, proportional studies, prototyping, generative/evaluative research and cost/manufacturing constraints… and then sometimes its back to the beginning.  It is the appropriate balance between the creative and development processes that is critical to the ultimate success of the work we do.

Often we are asked how long it took to complete various pieces of work.  The answer is consistent, “a lifetime”.  Our work represents the culmination and collection of experiences, knowledge, teachings (formal and informal), successes, failures and growth.  We never truly know where our paths will lead and what opportunities we will be granted, but being able to successfully leverage and share our work, experiences, talents and knowledge gives us purpose  and joy on our journey.

Godspeed, Richard and Luke

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