Our Story, from Luke’s perspective…

I grew up in a creative environment; my parents worked in architecture, interior design and are both artist.  They have always been supportive and influential, proving guidance and wisdom. Growing up, I was allowed the space and freedom to find my own path, that path that would ultimately lead to the Stonis Collective.

At a very young age my parents asked me why I didn’t like dolls. My response was simple, “they don’t have wheels”.  I have always liked wheels, especially fast ones.

My earliest memories are of sitting on my father’s shoulders above the crowds at Road Atlanta’s rolling red clay hills, watching the awe-inspiring Can-Am race cars compete.  The sights, sounds, and smells where intoxicating, making an indelible impression on me, fueling my insatiable curiosity for engineering, design and the ability to transform ideas into a winning reality.

road atlanta.png

Chasing that reality, I graduated with a BSME from Georgia Tech and realized a dream by working in IndyCar for several years.  It was fantastic, traveling and competing in the US and abroad with many great stories to tell. Ultimately, the demanding lifestyle would end as my new family began. It was at this point I was introduced to the profession of Product Development.  It was love at first sight.

I took a job with Fitch Product Development as a Mechanical Engineer. It was there that I had the opportunity work with very talented multi-disciplinary teams and honed my skills in Product Development, bringing commercially successful products to market.  After Fitch, I created Stonis Consulting, going off on my own, building upon my strong Product Development foundation that Fitch had graciously provided.

Stonis Consulting gave me the opportunity to start working with my Dad on various projects. One day while we were sitting at a coffee house in St. Charles, Illinois, he took out his pen and started drawing on a napkin (as all creative types do).  It was the beginnings of the St. Charles Table and the catalyst for the Stonis Collective.

St. Charles Drawing - BLUE2.jpg

One never truly knows where their path will lead or when that awaited moment of inspiration will happen.  Our hope is that when it does happen, we have the ability capture the moment, understand the opportunity and execute that vision to its maximum potential.